10 Best Flushing Toilets – (Detailed Guide and Reviews)

Here we have a list of the 10 best flushing toilets available today. The debate on flushing toilets usually comes down to power vs water usage. We want our toilets to be able to flush properly as the worst thing in the world when you’re on the toilet is waste coming back up or not fully going down the first time you’ve flushed.

In our top flushing toilet reviews we have picked the toilets that give you the most genuine flushing power in the industry. That doesn’t mean that water saving toilets aren’t in the list, as there are quite a few and they are really powerful. Since there is a big difference between the WaterSense models and the full powered 1.6 models, there will be a lot of opinions on which one to buy for your particular bathroom. Take a close look at the list, and hopefully you can narrow it down to a few hopefuls.

10 Best Flushing Toilets

TOTO Supreme Elongated One Piece Toilet

Toto starts of the list with this high priced toilet that is one of the more well reviewed in the industry. Available as both elongated and round, it is also available in cotton white, Sedona beige, colonial white and bone. Using the power gravity flushing system means that it uses actual gravity to pull down waste and keep it down. This is the quietest flushing system on the list, so if you have particularly thin walls or it is close to the bedroom, noise won’t be an issue with this purchase.

Since it uses gravity, the flush is faster and the refill time is quick. With the wide 3 inch flush valve that is rated 125 percent larger than the industry standard 2 inch flush valve buyers can expect more waste to go down at once. Toto fully glazed the trapway for smoother performance, a small feature that customers will notice the first time they install the toilet. And with the larger water surface there is more water in the bowl at all times to help with flushing and general cleaning of the toilet with each flush. Size matters, and this is one of Toto’s best and worth your money if you want a powerful yet whisper quiet toilet.

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TOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

Medium priced and highly viewed as one of the dark horses of Toto’s lineup is the Toto Ultramax which has a laundry list of features that help make the purchase an easy one. Like the last product it has a large water surface so that there is more room to operate when flushing. It also means that more water is in the toilet at all times, so with the wider system it becomes almost impossible to clog up. Using the G-Max flushing system is unique from the other systems on the list.

It is a commercial rated flush that really forces waste down with a powerful oomph. Because of that power you do sacrifice a bit on the sound, but the only comparison when measure the raw flushing power of this toilet is the Champion 4. It’s easy to clean inside and out, with an ion barrier glaze that keeps the surface smooth and anything from sticking to it. This is better known as SanaGloss, one of Toto’s best kept secrets and a finish that makes your toilet look new even years after the purchase. When deciding between the Ultramax and other toilets on the list it becomes a toss-up on which one is better. Buyers will have to think carefully about this one, as the Ultramax is one of the top 5 you could buy on the list.

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TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece Toilet

Industry leader Toto starts off the list with the Toto Eco Soiree, a high priced toilet with a lot of great potential. Available colors are bone cotton white and Sedona beige. Using the double cyclone flushing system it has the power and the speed to suck down waste and completely refresh the bowl with one flush. Restorative time of the flush is very good because of this technique, and it isn’t that loud either. The one piece high profile tank design is attractive for newcomers of one piece toilets and unique enough for early adopters.

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A SoftClose seat is included and it fits perfectly on the elongated bowl, giving ample comfort for any size person that takes a seat. Flushing is handled with the chrome trip lever, a handle that keeps its shine through the years and years of use. With the toilet using a Sanagloss ceramic glaze finish, the water has less work to do when flushing and trying to clean it. This finish is applied to both the inside and outside of the toilet. As an ADA compliant toilet, it comes with dimensions of 28.1x14x27.8 inches with a weight of 120 pounds total. Strong and quick, the Eco Soiree is easily one of the best flushing toilets on the list.

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American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4

The long running American Standard Champion 4 series is a medium priced toilet that is one of American Standard’s best flushing toilet options. An all in one piece toilet, the usual crevices that are associated with catching bacteria are closed off thanks to the great design. With curves rather than small crevices it takes seconds to clean areas that are always accessible. Colors available are white, linen and bone and seems to be the industry standard in terms of amount of color options with toilets.

With some minor changes made to the one piece look, American Standard has a very distinguished look when compared to other lines. Because American Standard toilets have the largest trapway and valve in the industry, the flush is faster, more powerful and refills lightening quick. This doesn’t impact the amount of noise it makes, so if you have a small bathroom it won’t be a bother if it is connected to a bedroom. With the Champion 4’s ability to move mass 70% larger than the industry standard with an industry high 1,000 gram bulk removal rating, this becomes the best flushing toilet on the list and firmly puts itself in the #1 spot. Perfectly priceed and even better powered, this line of toilets continues to get better with each iteration.

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American Standard Town Square FloWise

Looking like one of the most luxurious toilets on the list, the Town Square is a high priced item that doesn’t try to hide the fact it is trying to be different. Available in only linen and white, it is the most comfortable toilet on the list with its right height elongated form. It uses a Duroplast slow close seat with cover, and after a few times sitting on it you will feel like it is the most comfortable seat in the house. Combining the smooth sided concealed trapway with the siphon action jetted bowl gives a major performance boost when flushing, even in low water conditions.

And with the Powerwash rim in full effect customers can expect this toilet to flush anything that is thrown in the bowl. Rim height is about 16 ВЅ so it will work as a universal height for adults and children of all sizes. It weighs 116 pounds and product dimensions are 29.9″ – 15.1″ – 30.8 so will work best in medium sized to large bathrooms. The limited warranty last a full decade and will cover all cost and repairs associated with the toilet. Another top 5 item makes the list, with the Town Square coming off as more of an experience than just another trip to the bathroom.

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TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet

The Drake is one of the most well reviewed Toto toilets available, and uses a different look than most of Toto’s other products. Working with the idea that toilets should be simple to use and not complicated, there are few options with the Drake but a lot of great potential. Using the full industry standard of 1.6 gallons per flush, it manages to be quiet enough in operation that it can be put in any bathroom, large or small. The power of the flush is enhanced by the G-Max flushing system, a commercial grade option that is hard to beat. Using a 3 inch flush valve, this 125% increase in size is noticeable the first time you flush down a large amount of waste.

It flushes it down without a problem, and the bowl refills quickly without any problems. The only finish is glazed cotton white, but it is probably one of the prettiest finishes you can get on a 2 piece system. As usual, buyers can expect their Toto toilet to be protected by the SaniGloss materials, inside and out. It’s rare that a 2 piece toilet would be this highly regarded on a list of 1 piece toilets, but the Drake even at this point still has its loyal followers.

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TOTO Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece Toilet

Next on the list is the popular Toto Ultramax II. Several colors are available like cotton white, bone, colonial white, cotton, Sedona beige and white. As a bonus Toto included a 2 pack of the cotton white toilets at a discount, so if you’re in the market for multiple toilets this is going to be the best deal, and the only one of its kind on the list. Flushing is quiet and forceful due to the Double Cyclone flushing technology that takes full advantage of every bit of water the toilet gives to it.

Since this is a WaterSense 1.28 GPF model, you’ll save a lot of money on your water bill. Power won’t be a big issue because of the way the bowls mechanics are set up, along with the superior materials of the SanaGloss barrier. Its smoothness acts as a natural repellent to materials that would stick on the inside of the bowls of other toilets and it also wards away bacteria on the outside of the toilet. A worthy alternative to the original Ultramax, this is one upgraded toilet that you don’t want to miss out on.

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American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Toilet

The American Standard H2Option is one of the best selling toilets today. This low priced toilet doesn’t try to blow you away with extras but instead reinforces its core features and makes them better than other models. Not only will your water bill be lower because of these features, but you won’t lose any flushing power because of it. It is the best of both worlds, and one of the few dual flush toilets on the list. The water efficient dual flush uses siphonic action technology to eliminate more bulk without the use of extra water.

This process is just as quiet flushing as any on the list, and waste goes down in a single smooth action. The two buttons available to control the flush allow you to decide between using 1 GPF or the full 1.6 GPF. A properly setup system uses up to 25% less water than any other toilet on the list. While flushing, the pressurized rim feeds water in from the tank. With the trapped air inside and pressurized, each flush forces water out strong so that the bowl gets a full and thorough cleaning, whether using the light flush or the full flush option. If saving money on your water bill is something that is important, then this is going to be the best toilet to get without sacrificing flushing power.

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Danze DC011323WH Orrington 1-Piece High Efficiency Toilet

Moving back up the high price range consumers can find a little bit of relief with this luxury toilet. Available in white and biscuit, the one piece design alone is worth the price of admission. As a Water Sense certified toilet, its high efficiency 1.28 gallons per flush is the stories of legend and one of the main reasons it is so highly regarded in the industry. With comfort features like an elongated bowl and a 16 ВЅ inch ADA compliant rim height, the Orrington serves everyone equally and comfortably. The toilet uses a standard 12 inch rough in so the installation should be easy for anyone, even if they haven’t installed a toilet.

Included accessories include an angle mounted tank lever that is brushed nickel, along with matching color ceramic floor bolt cover plates. They also threw in a soft close seat that is one of the better included seats in a toilet of this size. The flushing power isn’t compromised due to the low GPF thanks to the 3 inch flush valve, a feature that goes largely unnoticed when trying to figure out why waste doesn’t stand a chance against it. As another toilet on the list that saves you money on your water bill without sacrificing power, the Orrington will come out to be one of the top sellers this year.

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Best Features of Flushing Toilets

Best Flushing Toilet ReviewsLooking at dual flush systems first, they have an added benefit of being able to choose the amount of water needed to flush whatever is in the toilet. Dual flush toilets usually have an added layer of protection on the inside of the bowl that keeps waste from sticking or streaking, since not all flushes will be full capacity. This means that customers can use the low flush option and not worry about the bowl not getting cleaned completely. This wasn’t always the case, but in recent years the technology has become way better at bowl management.

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So if you were an early adopter of dual flush toilets and want to give it another try, now would be the perfect time to see if they have the power you desire for both the low flush and the high flush options. Let’s also not forget the water saving features of these toilets, as hundreds or thousands of dollars in the lifetime of the toilet will be saved because of its efficiency. Each brand has a different way of designing the lever used to flush these types of toilets, but nowadays it is usually a two button system at the top of the toilet with clearly marked visuals.

Best Flushing ToiletDouble Cyclone flushing systems are one of the best features of some Toto toilets, and is aptly named because of how it operates. You’ll usually find these on the lower power models, namely the 1.28 gallons per flush model so that it makes up for the lack of water force. Using the system on a low powered toilet harnesses the power of gravity so that you get maximum cleaning action. Rim holes aren’t used in this process and instead have been replaced by two nozzles in specific places on the toilet. With the placement you’ll get the most effective flush each and every time, no matter how much waste.

The dual nozzle system is by no means weak and directs water in a way that not only does it flush faster and effectively, but it also fills up almost twice as fast. This is one of the many reasons why customers shouldn’t be afraid to purchase a toilet that is light on water usage. Not only are you going to save money down the road with each flush, but you’ll do so without losing any power. The better alternative to the Double Cyclone is always going to be the dual flush, since you can have the best of both worlds at all times.

Best Flushing ToiletsThe G-Max flushing system is exclusive to toilets that have the extra wide 3 inch flush valve and 2 1/8 trapway. These are the most powerful toilets on the list and are made for getting rid of waste fast and without any problems. Using the same amount of force to put water back into the bowl as it uses to get rid of waste, this is the best flushing system in terms of raw strength. A helpful little feature is that because of the larger flush valve, the usual gurgling that happens when you flush is surprisingly quiet. These toilets can usually be put anywhere in the house without any type of noise concerns.

They are very unlikely to clog, but also lose the effectiveness of water saving when compared to other flush methods. But if you want to destroy waste and walk away, then you can’t do any better than the G-Max flushing system. It’s worth noting that it also has an extra-large siphon jet that really forces everything down in tandem and keeps it there. If you want power over water savings then this method really can’t be beat when compared head to head with the others.

Best Flushing Toilets Comparison Chart


That about does it for the best flushing toilets, with a lot of great options at the beginning and the end of the list. If you are still undecided you can check out our ultimate toilet guide to help narrow the choice down and read our best toilet comparison chart to get a clear picture of features you might want. The best value buy turned out to be from the Champion series, which is no surprise to owners of that model. Even without dual flush capability, the Champion is really an awesome buy. The best overall flushing toilet is the powerful Toto Supreme that offers both power and quiet in the same deal. Choosing that or any other on the list will net you the same positive results.

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