6 Best Composting Toilets – (Reviews and Buying Guide)

If you are looking for the best composting toilet you have come to the right place. A composting toilet takes the worst waste and turns it into perfectly usable materials for your garden, or any other compatible use. Some composting toilets can speed up the process while some take a couple of weeks. There are some great options out there and its recommended to read composting toilet reviews to get to know some of the good options available.

6 Best Composting Toilets – (UPDATED REVIEWS)

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model

First on the list is this low priced toilet that leaves everything to the imagination with its design but does a great job in making up for it with features. Available in an 18 and 24 liter model, although this won’t win any beauty contests it will handle anything you can throw at it. The piston pump is replaceable and the bowl itself is cleaned thoroughly with the two directional rinse. Streaks and other waste remnants aren’t left behind, and it is comparable to a home residential model in terms of strength.

To prevent any type of splashing or discomfort the bowl is extra deep, and when not in use the lid snaps close so that vibrations are not an issue when moving. Indicators that are in clear view let you know how much waste is in the toilet as well as how much fresh water is still available. It is an intuitive system that goes the extra mile of being easy rather than complicated. When the spout storage compartment needs to be cleaned, it can be detached and moved around at will. No more worries about all in one systems that are a pain to clean when you’re on the road. Some of the nicer extras associated with the unit is the holding tank for your cleaner so that you don’t have to carry it separate, and the hassle free packaging that it arrives in. There are many on the list but this is a solid starter for those that need a good composting toilet.

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Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

Up next is this low priced toilet that offers a futuristic polished look. It almost looks like a small space pod if you stare at it long enough, and it has a lot of desirable features like the first model on the list. The seat is loads more comfortable than the first item on the list, probably due to how sleek the material is. Sitting on this will give you a feeling of comfort like you were on your home toilet. The comfort features go a step further and introduce a universal height, increased bowl size and even a toilet paper holder built into the toilet.

These are premium features at a low price, and it’s almost unbelievable how little this costs. Because the flush is battery powered, it has the most powerful flush of any of the portable composting toilets on the list. If power is what you’re looking for in a model, then this is going to be the strongest. It also includes the standard fresh water and waste indicators common for this model, taking away a bulk of the guesswork. Whenever you need to empty the tank, there won’t be any accidents thanks to the improved handle that they included with this model. And with an optional hold down kit, the Potti 550E will probably be the easiest to handle when it gets full. This is the best toilet on the list, and also one of the best looking. If you make this purchase then it will be money well spent.

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Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

Another low priced option is this Camco 41541 portable toilet that has a nice big 5.3 gallon detachable holding tank. It’s one of the biggest on the list, and is made to detach without giving you a big headache. Odors and leakages are prevented with the sealing slide valve lock, a premier way to stop some of the biggest problems in composting toilets from literally spilling out. A heavy duty construction keeps it from falling apart when you need it the most, and it uses a bellow type flushing mechanism which is powerful enough for most needs.

Product dimensions are 6.7″ – 5.9″ – 5.5 so it is small enough for portability but wide enough to fit users of all types. Weight comes in at about 11 pounds so the build quality holds up remarkably well. With full support for users of up to 330 pounds, this is one durable toilet that you’ll always come back to. The fresh water tank holds 2.5 gallons of water so buyers will get a good bit of use out of it before having to empty it. Since this is a manual flush toilet, consumers that have never used one before may want to read up on the manual. It’s all very easy to use, and considering the amount of work that went in to the branding, very popular. This is an awesome composting toilet to own and will come in handy in and out of the home.

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Thetford 92853 Porta Potti 550P Portable Toilet

Sticking with the low price is the infamous Porta Potti 550p that has the straightforward design of a composting toilet but a lot of extra features. Besides the indicator line that lets you know when to empty it, there is the rotating pour-out spout that simplifies the whole process. If you’re tired of disassembling a composting toilet then this might be the best option for you since the process is simplified. Odors are kept in check thanks to the tightly sealed valve, one of the many exclusives of this model.

A removable seat and cover keeps the product user friendly through its lifetime, and it’s all manageable thanks to the great amount of high quality materials used to make it. This model thrives on a piston pump flush system that packs a considerable punch when used, so it isn’t starving for power at all. Like the last item, the weight is great and it comes in at only 11.4 pounds with dimensions of 16x16x16. There isn’t a lot of beauty to this products design, but to be fair there is only about one item on the list that goes out of its way to look great. If you want a composting toilet that just does the job right then this model is all you will need.

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Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

Next composting toilet on the list is the higher priced Nature’s head dry composting toilet, their flagship model to be exact. Included with the packaging is a 5’vent hose, bottle cap and 12v power plug. Everything is organized in a way that it is easy to operate, even for a beginner. This toilet has the most moving parts on the list, but also has the clearest operation manual. A hand crank agitator that is built into the base takes care of the composting, with smooth operation from start to finish. As one of the more user friendly additions to the list, customers will appreciate that the high price they spend on this toilet won’t come with hours of trying to figure out how to use it.

As far as design goes, it looks a lot more like a toilet than some of the other composting options, and is very comfortable with the molded design. Extremely lightweight at 27.2 pounds, buyers can expect to install this anywhere they need with product dimensions of 19.8″ – 20.8″ – 20.5. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd best option on this list, and it does a great job of composting waste. If you want to go all out and price isn’t an option, then this Nature’s Head toilet is the perfect buy.

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Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

The most expensive toilet on the list award goes to this composting beauty, which earns its marks in more than one way. Rather than taking the bland design approach of a lot of the other toilets on the list, this one goes the extra mile and makes it looks clean and sophisticated. This toilet functions without the aid of water or electricity, and is 100% non-polluting. It is the perfect option for green users that don’t want to compromise on quality just because they’re off the grid.

A low profile design means that it can go in any bathroom without cluttering it up. Compost is processed with the variable diameter bio-drum with recessed handle that is easy enough to operate. Get the job done no matter how big and without breaking your arm in the process. The toilet is NSF/ANSI certified and can be used by up to 7 people depending on usage. Dimensions come out to 36x36x28 and it weighs in at 90 pounds even. When it comes to composting human waste into fertilizing soil then you can’t get any better than this model, and it does so without emitting bad odor. Built for medium to high capacity, buyers will find that this composting toilet is worth every penny they spend on it.

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Best Composting Toilet Buying Guide

Brand Recognition

Best Composting ToiletsSanitation Equipment Limited has been around since 1949, although there aren’t many customers that will know the company. That’s because they specialize in portable toilets, and unlike some of the other brands, also offer a line of chemical products. There are currently 3 active products in their arsenal, with all of them worth getting. Built on a sound foundation and meant to last for long trips, they even sell a Marine version of their potty that is so heavy duty it would put all the other items on this list to shame in a stress test.

The unique square shape they use for their products help with portability, especially for customers that want to use it in RV’s. Parts are easy to find for any of the products, so if something goes wrong you can always order specific parts to replace it. This is a convenience that a lot of customers don’t think about until it isn’t an option. Many customers have complimented the brand for this, and have enjoyed continued usage of their products over the years. Specialized chemicals are preferred for keeping the toilet clean, especially a portable one. The company sells them at discounted prices with the highlight product being rapid dissolving toilet tissue. This is an important product if you plan on using a composting toilet, and it comes first even before the sanitation rinses and deodorizers being offered.

Thetford is an important name on the list because they sell more than just composting toilets, but permanent toilets as well. They are also famous for their refrigerators, cleaning products, kitchen products, holding tank products, cooking tops, combination ovens, sinks and even evacuation products. They have their hands in multiple industries, and they’re doing quite well from it. But focusing on the toilet division shows that they have a lot of great ideas, and they get even bigger praise for having the best toilet on the list overall. So their ideas are very much working well, and they are doing a good job in the composting market when it comes to putting out great product.

Their curve model is a drastic change from what they were offering in portables, and it worked out for the better even if their other products are still selling well. Getting away from the beautiful design, the curve puts some of the best features on the list all in one toilet. And it does so with a smaller footprint so it is ultra-portable. If for some reason the curve doesn’t catch your eye, their other toilets are completely different and mimic the others on the list in terms of style and quality. But this is one company that you should definitely keep your eye on when it comes to composting toilets.

Camco is another company on the list that has an entire line of products not related to toilets. They do keep it close to home though, and have products in the RV, marine, hardware, antifreeze, washer fluid, cleaners, camping and towing categories. Currently they only sell 1 toilet, but this toilet is a very good start since it is directly competing with some of the better brands available. For their first toilet they concentrated on making it rugged, and it turns out that customers like the results. A little bigger than most, and able to handle years of abuse are the strengths of their toilet. More than likely they will improve on this model and create another one based off of it, or they may just start a different series altogether. Whatever path they choose, they are off to a great start.

Sun-Mar is as famous as Nature’s Head when it comes to composting toilets. It’s their specialty, and they do a good job at not only providing some of the best toilets on the market, but also hooking customers up with some of the best service in the industry. Whether it is with instructional videos on helpful blogs, the company has a nice reach when it comes to their customer base. That customer base includes several media programs and outlets, and even having their toilets being used in outer space.

Hardy Sundberg is the founder of the company and developed the first self-contained composting toilet in 1971. The interesting part about this story is that although they are innovators, they have the unlikely task of fending off several competitors like Nature’s Head in an already small market. This means that technically Sun-Mar isn’t the leader, and hasn’t been for a while despite making incredible product. Don’t sleep on this company, as they are as good as any other on the list.

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Nature’s Head probably has the most feature rich composting toilets you will ever come across. Their sole focus is on their easy to use models and keeping it at an acceptable price for buyers that want a high tier composting toilet but don’t want to spend a fortune. The unique features of Nature’s Head toilets is the 5 year warranty. This is the longest of any product on the list, and shows how much the company stands behind its product. It also has the more familiar toilet design, but that can sometimes come at the detriment of using it in a smaller space than the others. This company and Sun-Mar are probably the two biggest dogs on the list, although Thetford is giving everyone a run for their money.

Best Features of Composting Toilets

First let’s start with the portability. Having a fully functioning toilet away from the house is always a big plus, and gets even better when it requires just about as much upkeep as you would use with your own toilet. The many that are available have different use requirements, like no water necessary, no electricity etc. Breaking it down by the requirements will help you decide the best composting toilet available. And because they have limited use before needing to be emptied, the disassembly of every single one is easy, and very straightforward. Most even come with handles so you can carry and discard the waste or use it as soil. The portability of composting toilets is one of the many easy features that make them worth it.

Cleaning a composting toilet is easier than cleaning a regular toilet, because the construction is better for withstanding odors and bacteria. There are even heavy duty deodorizers, cleaners and holding tank cleaners for these toilets. They are thorough, and because these toilets were meant to withstand a beating or two, they are harsh chemicals that can’t be used on regular vitreous china toilets. This means you’ll get better cleaning results with half of the work. And there is no need to worry about damaging the toilet materials since they were made to handle chemicals this strong. And as crazy as it sounds, a well taken care of composting toilet will always smell better than a residential toilet.

Pricing of composting toilets are far, far less than their residential counterparts. Since everything is self-contained and doesn’t have to be hooked up to plumbing, it becomes cheaper to manufacture. The parts are also easier to find and replace than a standard toilet, which saves on warranty hassles. It’s doubtful that you’ll even need to call in a warranty, since composition toilets are made to last from the moment they leave the factory. The price per piece is the same for a home toilet, with the important part being that they don’t spend the bulk of it on vitreous china which works great for visual appeal, but not so much if you want a light, portable and durable toilet.

Speaking of the durability of a composting toilet, since so many people will be using it over the lifetime of the product then you want it to be made to take punishment. Every toilet on this list can take a considerable amount of punishment, with even the smallest toilet still having a weight limit of 330 pounds. It’s this type of quality that makes a composting toilet such a great buy, even when considering a higher end model.

Cons of Composting Toilet

Some composting toilets may not be good in freezing conditions. The best way to check this is to look at the description. But even if it doesn’t clearly list it in the description, you may still end up getting a model that doesn’t like freezing conditions too well. There is heat and freeze protection available for these units, so you’ll be covered as long as you’re prepared. Also be wary of using regular toilet tissue with a composting toilet. Always use toilet tissue that was designed for these types, like dissolving toilet tissue. Using regular toilet tissue could clog and even damage the composting toilet.

Best Composting Toilets Comparison Chart


You might also be interested in our guide on the best portable toilets or our detailed guide on the best flushing toilets. But lets get on with it and take a look at our list of 6 great composting toilets. That sums up the list for best composting toilet, and although there were some interesting ones on the list, the standout is from Thetford. But no matter what model you choose, you’ll be getting an awesome deal.

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