7 Best Portable Camping Toilets

Welcome to this list of the 8 best portable toilets for 2018 with options for camping and picnics. The portable toilet market has been booming for a while now, with so much variety and competition that there is no clear winner from all the brands. But the biggest winner is the customer as they get their choice from an array of the best portable toilets on this list. It is also good for those looking for a portable toilet to read the portable camping toilet reviews here below to get a clear idea of what model is the best fit for you.

7 Best Portable Camping Toilets

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

Starting with the first item on the list, it may very well be the best as it is not only low priced but well designed to fit in any space. There is an optional hold down kit, an important feature that isn’t always included with portable toilets. The water tank handle is improved from the previous design so that it’s easier to carry and doesn’t cut into your hands. As a beneficial upgrade customers can carry it long distances without it being an issue like the previous model was.

Both the fresh water and waste tanks have clear indicators to let you know when it is time to empty or refresh them. Flush controls are battery powered, and surprisingly strong when compared to the other models on the list. As far as looks, this is as sleek and modern as you can get and it looks like a large coffee machine rather than an actual toilet. The looks are not just for show, and consumers can expect to sit on a comfortable seat that is just the right height for any size. As a bonus, there is an integrated toilet paper holder so you can attach disposable toilet paper. Even though this is the first item on the list, it is clearly one of the best by far.

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Cleanwaste GO anywhere Complete Toilet System

At the medium price point is the Cleanwaste Go anywhere complete toilet system, which aims to provide the best available system to those that want more than just a toilet. Included in the set is the toilet, backpack for carrying it all, waste bags, and privacy shelter. The two key components here are the backpack and privacy shelter, something that separates it from a lot of the other products on the list.

There is no assembly required for setting up the system, so it is as painless as just purchasing a portable toilet by itself. Since it has a privacy shelter, it is perfect for camping or even for other outings where needed. Durability isn’t a concern since it is used by U.S. Marines on a daily basis for when they have to go. This set will last you a long time and won’t fail based on age if you treat it nicely. When packed up with the backpack, everything only weighs 18 pounds total. It is a supremely lightweight product that is also the most portable of any on the list. Rather than buying a privacy shelter for your portable toilet, why not buy everything all in one? Consumers interested in the perfect camping toilet need to look no further than this fabulous set.

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Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

The lowest priced item on the list is going to be none other than this product, which looks like a bucket form a distance but is actually a lot more. This ingenious portable toilet can’t be beat in price by any brand and has a full 5 gallon capacity. That’s more than enough for more than one person to use on and off for a full day. The bucket style design is surprisingly comfortable, although you won’t want to sit for extended periods on it. A snap on lid is provided that keeps all the contents inside and odors from reaching outside of the bucket.

This is the most portable item on the list, and with the carrying handles and light weight it is indispensable in disaster, camping, fishing and hunting situations. Luggable Loo also has the lightest weight on the list at only 3.3 pounds. Product dimensions are 15″ – 16.5″ – 16.5 and there is an optional product called Double Doodie bag from the same company that goes hand and hand with this product. It’s recommended to buy the bag, as it makes cleanup as easy as removing the bag, leaving the Luggable Loo completely clean. There aren’t a lot of products that are this simplistic, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t worthwhile. It is an interesting enough buy to have if you’re not ready to fully commit to a portable toilet.

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Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet

Also from Reliance products is this small system, a low priced self-contained toilet that comes out as another minimalist toilet from this famed company. The Hassock uses Eco-fresh packets to keep things smelling good and the toilet is also compatible with Double Doodie bag, also sold from the same company. There is one Eco-fresh packet included, serving as a good way to determine if the packet is one you want to continue purchasing and using.

The bag has to be brought separately but comes highly recommended if you want to keep the original product clean. Unlike the previous item, a little more care was given to the design of the toilet, and the seat is contoured for comfort with an inner splash cover and toilet paper holder to round out the extras. If you opt not to use the Double Doodie bag, then the inner bucket is removable and can be cleaned separately from the main unit. This weighs slightly more than their other products but is still incredibly light at 5 pounds and with dimensions of 13.7″ – 14.2″ – 14.2. The company guarantees against manufacturer’s defects for 5 years, so buyers will get plenty of use out of it for the lifetime of the product. Out of all the Reliance products, this is their most preferred unit and the true flagship model for their portable line.

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Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

Staying in the low price range is this Camco model that gets away from the last two minimalistic systems and promises a more complete portable setup. Buyers will get a nice huge 5.3 gallon holding tank that is also detachable and can be cleaned quickly when not in use. On bumpy trips where this toilet needs to be used the sealing slide valve locks in odors and stops any chances of the system leaking any of its insides.

Since there have been problems with other brands units having tanks that move independently of the toilet, the side latch on this model secures it so that even while moving everything stays in place. Using a bellow type flush mechanism the Camco 41541 grants uses a pretty powerful flush, even for a portable unit. Dimensions of the full product comes out to 6.7″ – 5.9″ – 55 inches so it will work in any small environment. There is no need to worry about how durable the unit is as it has been extensively tested to last in multiple types of environments, both inside and outside. With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, it’s doubtful that there is anyone this toilet can’t handle. Even among the other heavy hitters on this list, the Camco 41541 is a great alternative that all buyers should consider.

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Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

You can look forward to 3.2 gallons of freshwater in the holding tank to be more than enough for a couple of people to use. The wastewater holding tank is a nice deep 5 gallons, giving you a lot of room between dumping it out. Using a one piece system made of high-density polyethylene, customers can enjoy a leak proof system that works well on the move or stationary. Shipped as a fully assembled system, the dimensions are 14.5″ – 15.5″ – 16.5 with a weight of 12.5 pounds. This is one of the surprise portable toilets on the list, and will be a great buy for buyers that value comfort in their portable options. Check price on Amazon!

Stansport Portable Toilet

Tying for the lowest priced item on the list, this toilet is a barebones minimalist item for those that are always on the go. This is the absolute easiest to set up system with the fewest moving parts. The only comparable item on the list to it is the Luggable Loo. The difference between the products is comfort, with the nod going to the Stansport for providing more room to move around and a better seating position.

The seat is also ultra-comfortable, even when comparing it to the other high end toilets on the list. With the white plastic molded seat sitting atop heavy duty steel legs, it is at the perfect height for people of all sizes. It is also steady enough so that it won’t rock if it is on a sturdy surface. Six removable plastic bags are included, and they are each held in place by a removable plastic ring. When the bags are dumped and disposed of, the unit can fold flat and go anywhere you want it to. There is a 1 year warranty on the product in case something goes wrong, but chances are you’ll be fine since there are so few moving parts. Another item for the minimalist movement, this is one toilet that takes the least amount of space.

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5 GAL Portable Camp Toilet Camping Flush Potty

Last on the list is this low priced portable option that is built like a brick and can take up to 440 pounds. That’s more than any other portable toilet on the list, and makes this a prime choice for buyers that want the sturdiest available but without losing portability. Included is a 5 gallon waste tank and a 3 gallon water tank, so there will be plenty of time between emptying it. Transporting is a breeze with the built in carrying handles, and with a weight of only 12.2 pounds, it won’t be a strain on your arms.

As sturdy as it is, that doesn’t mean it is not as comfortable as the other options. The Flush Potty has a full sized seat and convenient access to the flush button to flush out waste with clean water. Odors and corrosion are prevented with the latch lock on both tanks, and if you need to clean either tank they are both detachable to be cleaned whenever you see fit. All of the important steps to get it going are clearly outlined in the user’s manual which will be a great resource to the customer. Last on the list and also one of the best, this is a surprisingly good buy for customers to consider.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Brand Recognition

Thetford: Looking at the way Thetford does business is interesting since they are also sellers of other popular products. The list is long and includes products in the categories of kitchen, holding tanks, bathrooms and even emergency products. They provide the most products of any other company on the list, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t pay attention to their toilet division.

This is the main reason why buyers should keep their eye on Thetford, because of their growing inventory. Buyers can fall in love with their other items and get a feel for what their toilets will be like in terms of quality. The best model portable toilet they offer is the curve, and it is also one of the best looking portable toilets you’ll ever run across. It is a big change from what they normally offer, and shows that not all portable toilets have to obviously look like they’re portable. This is their best-selling model, and they are making it a point to market it as the next best thing in portable toilets. Having one of the best portable toilets in the industry helps, and it only gets better from there.

Cleanwaste: Cleanwaste takes a different approach than the others on the list and is one of the world leaders in providing portable toilets when plumbing isn’t an option. It is the #1 brand of choice for several organizations including hospitals, US and foreign military, National Parks and even big name outdoor retailers. They are considered the big dog by name, and their products back up that statement. Residential customers aren’t as familiar with them as other brands, even though they have major success on a commercial level.

Cleanwaste lacks some of the prettier polish that companies like Thetford exude, so even though they offer more functional products than any other company on this list, they miss out when it comes to design. Customers that are interested in the company should look past the design flaws and recognize this is a top company in the industry with some incredible products. Recognized as a company since 1999, they have made a strong push in the market and just need to find the sweet spot for residential success.

Reliance: Buyers that want the ultimate minimalist products will love what Reliance products has to offer. Keeping things at the bare minimum, all of their products are made for customers that just want a portable toilet without any of the fancy extras. They’ve been in the business for over 50 years, so they know exactly what they’re doing. Their main focus is hydration, sanitation and purification products. One thing that customers should be wary of when buying from Reliance is that many of their products use a disposable bag that the company sells separately. Even though the bag is considered to be optional, it is recommended to prolong the life of the product. They do a good job of pricing it, and it’s really a steal in some areas that have them on sale. Buyers that don’t want to deal with the headache of buying an extra accessory will find other options on this list that is more to their taste, but this is a great company with some really great ideas.

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Camco: The underdog of the list is going to be Camco, not because they have an inferior product, but because they currently only sell 1 model of toilet. But this toilet is great, and it is the beginning of what will be many from the company. They are more popular for selling marine, antifreeze, washer fluid, camping and towing, cleaners, and RV equipment. They don’t have an entire department dedicated to toilets like the other brands on the list, but as their first shot into the market they made a really good impression. This is mostly due to their product being a little bit bigger than the others on the list. It functions like a full sized toilet rather than a portable, and you can still take it anywhere.

Other Brands

For the last few companies on the list like Century Outdoor Camping Products and Stansport, they have only a single toilet product in their lineup. Stansport however is a very big and successful company, so expect them to grow as their toilet line gets popular. Century has the better debut of the two, and a smaller focus when it comes to other products. Both of these companies did a great job making the list and will continue to make many more top lists for their great toilets.

Best Product Features

Portable toilets are a lot better to use than the natural environment, as it can lead to a lot of unfortunate surprises. If you’re camping or on the road a lot, then a portable toilet can really come in handy. And with the bulk of the products being offered available for multiple users, things get a lot easier since you don’t have to lug around multiple bags of materials. Many of them even come with their own handle or bag so that you can carry it around like a backpack. This is a huge convenience, and since most of them are under 20 pounds, just about anyone can carry it.

There is more variety in portable toilets than there is with regular toilets. That list also includes composting toilets. Portable toilets can be as small as possible, they can be the size of regular toilets that are not the taller comfort height toilets, they can use batteries, no water, have a built in toilet paper holder, have a privacy tent, be folded flat-you name it. Many of those features are exclusive to portable toilets and some of them have even found their way into regular residential toilets.

Cleaning a portable toilet is easy, since any system with a tank is detachable. If it has a hold for water that is detachable as well, so the entire thing can be dissembled and cleaned in minutes. It’s one of the many perks of owning a portable toilet, and if you decide to put it in a moving RV there are kits that will bolt it down temporarily so it doesn’t move. There are built in latches and locks to keep the tanks from moving while in motion, so no extra purchase is necessary there.

And the last thing that makes portable toilets a must have is the price, something that not even composting toilets can beat. Portable toilets are usually under $100, and in the case of some toilet companies that require you to purchase accessories, you will still spend hundreds of dollars less than you would have if you bought a regular toilet or alternative solution. It is simply the best, most affordable, feature rich portable option for toilets available.

Best Portable Camping Toilets Comparison Chart


You might also be interested in our guide to the best composting toilet or our ultimate guide to the best toilets over all. With the conclusion of the article you should now have a better idea of what the best portable toilet is. Even with all of the pros, cons and brands there is a silver lining for the customer. And that is there is no wrong choice, as long as your well earned money buys what you want.

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